Lars von Trier and Human Condition


Shaking off the slumber of winter and the drowsiness of spring, I awaken. The upcoming months will be dedicated to active learning and observation. I am reading, watching and looking for something new to learn. However, before going into new territories it is quite easy to remember that, which has been already seen, and stayed throughout the hibernation.

Lars von Trier. He is a genius, he is one of the few creators that truly manage to capture the essence of human condition. Maybe we should talk about the Dancer in the Dark (which I am sure I will one day), or even Melancholia. What about Nymphomaniac? Oh, I can feeling it coming. However, today is a Dogville day. Dogville was that something that hatched a little niche for von Trier in my heart. Never before was I so shocked or uplifted, when leaving that small cinema hall after a screening. I kept thinking and thinking about human nature and behaviour in the setting of absolute power, are we all tyrants and abusers at core, how long can compliancy continue? Why does the gruesome revenge bring out such a personal feeling of gratification?

I do believe that power corrupts and pliancy is a very temporary condition, Dogville is a visual exhibit of my belief.