The original trip to the Moon


Are there many people who haven’t watched at least a single sci-fi movie? Chat with somebody about “spacely” movies and you will most likely hear sound compounds similar to The Matrix, Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars (I just reminded myself I need to re-watch Godzilla (1954), that ought to be a good blast) and others. How often while watching one or another sci-fi movie do you catch yourself thinking: When did it all start? How did it all look? Well, that’s what happened to me a while ago while I was all into Star Wars re-runs.

After a continuous search I was very lucky (and happy) to find the most awe-inspiring creation by Georges Méliès, a 1902 “Le Voyage dans la Lune” (also known as The Trip to the Moon).

For me the film is not only impressive for its age and length (considering the year it was made), but also the theme – a trip to the Moon. In 1902 an idea of a trip to the Moon was relatively close and far away. Le Voyage dans la Lune allows us to see how people of early 20th century (who in a way were the pushing force that ultimately kicked all the great inventions and ideas into action) imagined space travelling and life outside the Earth. What is surprising for me, is their openness (even though more comic) to the idea of extraterrestrial life. Let me continue no more. Let’s see how did the very first moon landing look like…