In the Cartooned World


I guess warning should come first. If you are depressed or in any way feeling “down” you probably should ignore this post.

The World of Cartoons does not usually collide with the World of Me. I guess I don’t like the musical parts that much. Nonetheless, here and there my eye gets caught on something “created for kids, but suitable for adults”, but not this time, not this time.

Today I sing a small praise for Le Magasin des Suicides, a cartooned novel about (well, almost obviously) the Tuvache family run suicide shop.

Overall it is not “mind-blowingly” good or engaging, but the theme and presentation are memorable. Funnily enough throughout the film I keep imagining that this store would be the Bergdorf Goodman of the Addams family.

Sometimes I believe – when spoken in French even death wail sounds like a love lullaby.

With best wishes from a very hot summer day,