A Letter

by thoughtinvestment.wordpress.com

Time is such a thing: it’s the most precious possession of ours, that escapes our grasp the quickest, and most unnoticed. Above all things I thank you for your continuous interest and support. It truly amazes me how wonderful nowadays is. You can be somewhere far or near, warm or cold, overcrowded or alone, and yet you can be heard, consulted or comforted by anyone from anywhere. I can only hope that one day everyone will be able to use the freedom of expression and right of being heard, and be anything they want, anywhere.

Having previously stated that I seek knowledge, I stayed true to my word. I had a chance to study History of Music. I cannot express what a joy it was to study about something that inspires me so much. It also made me realize how little I know, and how much more there is to learn; How big the world is, and how many wonderful things people have done and accomplished. 

All of you are my teachers, all of you carry a piece of unique history in you, and I hope to learn as much of it as possible. At the end, it all depends on time, on how much of it is left.

For now I will do all to give away the best that I can, and I know I will get the same from all of you.


My warmest thanks,