Everyday Heroes

by thoughtinvestment.wordpress.com

After watching tons and tons of beautiful women meeting beautiful men, rows ending in “happily ever after”, titanics not drowning, and accidents being the best thing that can happen to you (because hey, your Romeo saves you) I started looking for an everyday hero. A hero fighting for everyday mundane survival and maybe winning, maybe not.

Had I known that to find a fern blossom would have been an easier feat to achieve I might not have started at all. But alas, I prevailed.  Today I have the honor to present Gallienne. Gallienne is a hero, a survivor, an everyday comic.

His life is sometimes fun, exciting and completely boring, just like ours. He doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, he doesn’t attract attention of jeniffers anistons, and he is completely charming. His family is not perfect, he does not own a supermodel dog.

I think most of us have been in crossroads of life. Asked who I am, what I want to do, where I am, what is there for me in the future. This is a film about the same crossroad. The same man/woman just looking for the right way to go. Whatever is right for him/her.

If you have time or right kind of determination, join Gallienne in his self-exploration trip.


The film is called “Me, Myself and Mom” or “Les Garcons et Guillaume, a table” (French with English subtitles). It was victorious at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.