OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs it happens a very long time ago, somewhere in deep space I had quite a few artistic aspirations. I wanted to be a painter, a photographer, an artist. Life, on the other hand, brought me to a much different place with a very different journey ahead of me (professionally).

In the time of youthful hopefulness I was always carrying a photo camera with me, and imagining that every building, every park bench was “soo artistic”. I thought I was great, and I had a wonderful artistic future ahead of me. Looking from a current perspective I must admit, I was doing it more for others than for me. I cared more about what my friends would like and find “cool”, rather than what I found inspirational. Maybe that is one of the reasons why at the end I did not fight that strong for that kind of life.

In all this mixture of wants and musts, I, a young-adult, made not so smart of a decision. As my artistic protest against the current of life I decided then and there to quite doing anything that I regarded as being “bohemian” or artistic. No more poetry, no more calligraphy, no more painting, no more photography, no more anything.

First this protest was “hard” on me, but eventually I truly lost interest. It might have been due to lack of personal emotional investment in all of it after all.

Time flew by and by, and some sort of personality backbone started forming, bit by bit my eyes began to open up. I started to notice things I seemed to truly like, thing that I (very much a capital I) found beautiful or interesting. Would my old-self like them? Probably no, because others would have found it to be “pathetically inartistic”.

I like flowers. They are a fragile expression of Earth’s beauty, so temporary, so perfect. Every picture that I have, the flower is no more. I like sky, its blue is the most perfect blue, never changing.

I love trees. One day I was walking in an autumnal park and suddenly I noticed how trees are very much like us, each with different form and each completely unique. Are there two absolutely identical trees? If I happen to see them, I could tell you. Every tree has its branches looking for sun in different forms and lengths. Trees defy gravity every day trying to reach the ultimate highs. Maybe we should all try to do the same?

So it has been quite a few years now, when in Autumn I walk outside with my camera to capture trees in their most bare and beauty-showing form.

Maybe this is a too long of a way to introduce few pictures, but it has been a long way for me too. I am, just like them, growing, trying to get closer to the sun, and every tree, and every branch in life first starts from a seed. For us these can be seeds of inspiration, sadness, joy, loss, self-discovery.

I finally found my own inspiration. I also found that shunning things from your life only damages you, not others.

So, today I want to invite you to appreciate these unique Nature’s creations with me.

May I also provide the soundtrack?












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